Holy Friday Vespers

April 3, 2010

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we attended Vespers this afternoon. All I knew was that today is obviously Good Friday and the parish schedule announced “Vespers with Burial Procession.”

Wow. It was an amazing service. The songs were very beautiful yet haunting. The mood was somber and intense. At least half of the people there were wearing black. There was a very serious reenactment of the removal of Christ’s body from the cross (this was absolutely nothing like the skits I have seen in other churches… very serious and no cheese factor here). Next year I would definitely like to invite my family to this one. I think that my parents would have liked it.

It definitely made me feel excited for the Pascha (Easter) procession/Matins/Liturgy that begins tomorrow night. We plan to arrive around 11pm and stay…. well I don’t know how long we will make it, especially with a toddler who is pretty accustomed to sleeping at that hour. We will play it by ear. As the mother of a young child I admittedly feel anxious about losing so much sleep, but this only happens once a year and I have a feeling that we will survive.


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