Orthodoxy in Photographs

May 3, 2010

I recently found this website of beautiful photographs of all-things Orthodox: Eastern Orthodoxy Beheld.

I know that the rich/ornate nature of Orthodoxy is off-putting to a  lot of to those who are accustomed to much more simple surroundings. My husband and I were definitely a little overwhelmed at first. In fact, in an email to him I had said “Don’t think I could get into this. Maybe I could if I lived in Europe and had an old-world kind of lifestyle.” He replied in agreement, adding that he would be afraid of making a major faux pax.

We came around when we began to understand the basis for such worship. Orthodox services are modeled after heavenly worship – and while I am usually not one to speculate much about what Heaven will be like, I can’t really imagine that it involves plain white walls like you see in many churches.


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