Newly illumined!

July 6, 2010

The baptism and chrismation on Sunday went exceedingly well. I really could not have asked for Calvin (his Christian name is David – his middle name) to do any better than he did.

The ceremony was very beautiful. We were very honored to have our local family in attendance.

Calvin cried when he was baptized – no surprise there! But he calmed right back down.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, we also have the whole ceremony on video. We published some of it here. I had watched several videos of baptisms but I never was able to find one of a toddler my son’s age. Hopefully this is helpful for someone out there.


One Response to “Newly illumined!”

  1. Michelle M. Says:

    I just discovered your blog tonight (via Charming the Birds..).

    Many years to you and your family! We became Orthodox about three years ago. Our oldest is the only child who was not baptized Orthodox, but it was such a joy to participate in all of their baptisms and also to see them partake of the Eucharist each Sunday. May God continue to bless your family@

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