Orthodoxy: Unbroken, Unchanged, Unreformed

July 24, 2010

Did you see the video of the Orthodox priest from Belarus offering an ecumenical greeting to the PCUSA assembly? The video and accompanying article can be found here. This is a very short, but powerful clip. Fr. Siarhei delivers a number of zingers, but he does it in such a nice way that you wonder if anyone even noticed:

  • First he tells the assembly that the Orthodox Church has an unbroken, unchanged, and unreformed Tradition and that our theology has not been changed in the past 2,000 years.
  • He spends a minute thanking the PCUSA for their partnership in social efforts, but that doesn’t deter him from what he says next…
  • He tells them that they are using the revised version of the Nicene Creed which includes the filioque.
  • He tells them that Christian morality has already been established and doesn’t need to be re-invented. He goes on to say that attempts to create a new morality look like attempts to invent a new religion; a religion that he calls a modern-day paganism. (This is in reference to some of the issues that the assembly was voting on, which you can read about in the article linked above).
  • He questions whether it is really the Holy Spirit that guides people to make such changes in doctrine, or if it is indeed a different spirit altogether. “Are there different spirits acting in different denominations?” wonders Fr. Siarhei.
  • He concludes by saying this his desire is that all Christians should contend earnestly for the faith, which was once and for all delivered to the Saints. (Jude 1:3)

Wow, he packed quite a lot into a 5-minute speech! While Fr. Siarhei was invited to deliver an ecumenical greeting he really ended up delivering a word of warning and a call to get on the right course. It is a powerful message and I appreciate that Fr. Siarhei was so careful to “speak the truth in love”.


One Response to “Orthodoxy: Unbroken, Unchanged, Unreformed”

  1. Dixie Says:

    I was so impressed at the loving and compassionate way this priest basically told the PCUSA that they were in error! My priest says that a holy man can correct you in such a loving and compassionate manner that you are not damaged by the words but open to them. I think this is a good example o9f that. Very pastoral.

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