I started this blog to 1) document our conversion experience (both mine and my husband’s) for my own personal reasons, 2) to share with the world the information that I have learned and 3) to explain our beliefs to our sometimes bewildered friends and family.

The players in this story are myself, my husband and our young son. We became catechumens in September 2009.

I won’t pretend that I have perfectly represented the beliefs of the Orthodox Church – I certainly desire to do that, but I am just a catechumen. Please accept my apologies and do not consider me the final source on any matter concerning the faith.

You might find that at this point in my journey I am still making many comparisons between Orthodoxy and Protestantism. My own background is Protestant and I am still at a point where I can’t help but to make comparisons between my old way of thinking and my new way of thinking. No disrespect to Protestants is intended; I only hope to offer food for thought. I also make some comparisons to Roman Catholicism. Many Protestants view Orthodoxy through the lens of Roman Catholicism and fail to see the major distinctions between the two. I hope that I have offered some perspective, though admittedly rather limited.

Thank you for reading.

7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. annihilist Says:

    I’d like to thank you very much for recording your journey in Orthodoxy. I’m currently Protestant but I’m looking at Orthodoxy with rapidly increasing fondness. Your posts are helping me not only to work out my own faith but also to understand Orthodox doctrines and practices. Keep up the great posts! I pray that God blesses you as He has blessed me through your writings.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Welcome home. As a convert of now 4 years, I am enjoying reading your posts.

  3. sowingseedsoforthodoxy Says:

    Welcome “home” to another “searcher.” I found out about you from “Journey to Orthodoxy.” My six part story was started on July 29th. (I’m Jim, not my real name.) I’ve looked around your site just a little but like it very much. I will be using some of your blogs, with proper credit, on my blog-website. Let’s keep growing. Herman Art

  4. dad0seven Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement (Ad-Orthodox). It is heartening to know that others are at a similar crossroad. I’m finding my internal journey is less of a challenge than the external one. Spouse is freaking, kids range from ‘Wha’?’ to deer-in-headlight looks. It doesn’t help that the closest church is an hour away, but they’re trying to help the best they can which I appreciate. Again, thank you for being there!!!

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