First icon

March 20, 2010

We’ve been meaning to purchase a few icons for a while. Today we unexpectedly bought our first icon. At a Presbyterian church yard sale. For $1. How cool is that?!

My husband immediately recognized the icon. It is an icon of the Holy Trinity (apparently it is also referred to as “The Hospitality of Abraham”). The depiction of the Trinity¬†was perplexing to me at first because I know that there is a prohibition of depicting God the Father. In order to portray the Trinity, the icon painter turned to the story of Genesis 18 when three angels visited Abraham. “The Church specifically chose this particular icon because it most fully expresses the dogma of the Holy Trinity: the three angels are depicted in equal dignity, symbolizing the¬†triunity and equality of all three Persons.” (source)

To my fellow Orthodox converts, what was your first icon?